Sherbourne Audit

Join the McKellar Park Community Association, Carlingwood Hood, and Ecology Ottawa in conducting an active transportation audit on Sherbourne Road this fall. Sherbourne Road is used by many people in the community to get to school, work, the park, the community centre or simply just for a walk around the neighbourhood. As pedestrians of all ages and abilities use the road, speeding vehicles are a danger. With every year more and more cyclists are also using this road. And now with the school bus system changing in September 2015 every day more school children will be crossing the road either on foot or on a bike where fast moving cars make this dangerous.

Help us envision how things might be different to make Sherbourne Road safe for all. Join Ecology Ottawa, two community associations, and other concerned citizens to imagine a safer and more accessible Sherbourne. 

Show your support now by signing the petition to make Sherbourne Road safe! 

September 14, 2015 at 6:30pm - 8pm
Aija Auzina ·

Will you come?