Petrie Island Clean Up 2016


It’s time for our annual Petrie Island Clean-Up! Join Ecology Ottawa and the Friends of Petrie Island for our third annual clean-up day on Sunday, May 29th. A family friendly and fun event, you can truly make a difference in your community by getting your hands dirty to help preserve and protect the wetland habitats of Petrie Island!

Located on the Ottawa River, Petrie Island was created by a sand deposition during the Ice Age roughly 12 000 years ago. As a result, the island is subjected to spring floods, which ultimately help support a wide diversity of plants and animals. Though the spring floods are essential to the thriving of biodiversity on Petrie Island, garbage and other pollutions in the Ottawa River often wash up along the shores. Unless this garbage is picked up and properly disposed, garbage can accumulate or spread throughout the island, posing serious threats to local wildlife and habitats. Litter can easily clog up and prohibit water flows, or even worse, end up in the digestive system of various animals, ultimately suffocating or killing them. Animal and plant lives are equally as important as our own lives, and we need to work together in order to protect them from our human messes!

Petrie Island isn’t just home to unique species of trees, wildflowers, birds, vines, and turtles; it is also home to many great activities and opportunities, including fishing, hiking, photography, canoeing, picnicking, and various beach activities. It’s the perfect place to spend time bonding with family and friends, or to just retreat into the peaceful solitude of nature. The presence of garbage threatens to ruin this tranquil setting, creating undesirable adversaries that hinders both human leisure activities and the overall quality of life for plants and animals. Our lives are interconnected with nature; to lose these habitats would be to ultimately lose some of our own hobbies and pastimes.

Please come on out to Petrie Island on Sunday, May 29th, to help restore the natural beauty of the island! Whether it’s combing through various nature trails for wind-blown litter or scouting along the shores for washed up garbage, it’s a great way to contribute to your community all while appreciating the beauty and nature of Petrie Island. There’s no set time commitment; you can come on out at any time of the day, for however long you like, either by yourself or with a group of people. Just swing by the Petrie Island’s main centre, where you can pick up gloves and garbage bags, and they’ll direct you to the optimal place to start.

Let’s come together as a community to help protect and restore this local treasure!

May 29, 2016 at 10am - 10pm
Petrie Island Park
Ottawa, ON K4A 3P4
Google map and directions

Will you come?